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#WFH? We've got the best productivity tools for you

productivity Jun 9th 2020

If you’ve been following the news (unless you live under a rock), chances are you’ve been told to “shelter-in-place” or stay at home. It has created a shift in your routine and that also means you have to work from home (#WFH), too.

If you’re used to this setup, you might have established a work from home routine that works for you. But if you’re new to this, it may be a struggle. That’s why the team at Adjective Digital have listed few productivity tools that you can use to recreate the built-in discipline of the office to your workspace at home.

Dictation Software

Multi-tasking has become the new norm. Being able to optimise your use of time is a valuable skill to possess. One of those tasks that use up a lot of your time is typing. Thankfully, you can now use dictation software or speech-to-text apps that turn spoken words into text. These tools are ideal for people who are constantly on the move, or, in this case, are multi-tasking. It allows you to make notes with ease as the app does the typing for you.

Speech Notes


Speechnotes app is a good example of this. This tool works with notepad and comes with cutting-edge speech recognition technology for accurate results and other built-in tools for your convenience and productivity.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Another one that we highly recommend is the Voice Notes app. How many times have you thought of a good idea but didn’t write it down and eventually forgot about it? Don’t let that happen again and grab this app. This is great for recording notes, ideas, and setting reminders.

Project Management Tools

Project management is another challenge for those who work from home. Making sure that you meet deadlines and working on tasks based on priority can be overwhelming, unless you’re attentive to details. If not, you’d be glad to know there are project management tools like Monday available to use. At Adjective Digital, we can attest to the reliability of this tool. As a company specialising in digital marketing in Brisbane, we know how important project management is and we’re glad that Monday has helped in that regard.


Monday has positioned itself as the viable alternative to Basecamp. This Kanban-based project management platform simplifies everything for your team - from team chat, analytics, etc. It’s good for mid-sized teams that use labels to identify who works on what, and when.

The basic version is priced at $25 per month, but you’ll be limited to 20 columns for tracking project phases. At $39 a month, you can unlock the full API along with the integrations and a bigger storage space.



Another familiar name for those who are working from home or working with a team on projects is Trello. This tool simplified everything. It’s an incredible app for its task management and organisational functions. It works like a bulletin board, allowing users to organize, prioritise, and work on projects in a fun and flexible way. This way, everyone can see all the important information at a glance.

These two project management tools are a must for individuals or a digital marketing agency. The key differences would be that Monday offers a more comprehensive project management solution for teams and individuals whereas Trello is best suited for design work, website project development, and the like. Regardless, they both offer ease in terms of project and task management.

Video Tools

Speaking of collaborating with a team, there are instances when you need to hold meetings and video conferences. Zoom has been making the rounds lately, especially on Facebook, as many users share their online video conferences with friends. For businesses, this app enables teams to conduct their meetings online.

Zoom is basically a video chat app that can accommodate dozens of participants at a time. Another free alternative is Google Hangouts, but the number of participants is limited to 25.



Another excellent video tool for working from home is Skype Business. This app will help you save on phone bills. At the same time, it is a great cross-platform tool for your team (as it works on all devices such as Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac). It comes with a high level security authentication and helps you track expenditures.


Never miss another important meeting again! With appointment-setting tools such as Calendly, you can get your schedule on track.



This app will give you the ownership of your scheduling experience. It is super easy to use and comes with nifty features, such as the ability to get confirmation and reminder emails, set daily limits to the number of meetings per day, and minimum scheduling notice to avoid last-minute meetings. It can also detect time zone differences for easier planning and scheduling with collaborators.

For a marketing agency like Adjective Digital, Calendly has been a lifesaver! It makes it easy to keep up with tasks and deadlines, especially on those days wherein these can get overwhelming. It makes it easy to keep track of what you need to work on and when.

Chat Tools

If you prefer to communicate in real-time with your team and collaborators via chat, you have a handful selection of tools at your disposal. One such tool is Slack. This is one of the best chat tools out there for real-time team chats. Team chats can be for departments, projects, employees, basically anything you need.



Another great tool for chat messaging is Mattermost. This app is an open-source private cloud option that tries to rival a lot of Slack’s functions and features.

Tracking your hours

Want to keep track of your personal productivity without spending a dime? Then you should check out Toggl! This can be useful for tracking productivity for you and your team.



However, this app has a reputation for sending its users tons of emails, which can be annoying. Also, some people hate the idea of being tracked on their computers, so you might want to consult with your team first.

The ability to work from home is definitely part of the new normal because of this whole covid-19 situation. As you learn to adapt, you can use these tools as a remote worker (just like we have as a digital marketing agency in Brisbane) so you have more freedom and accountability.

With the right combination of tools, it is easier to track your work and boost productivity. The good news is that you won’t have to spend a fortune since most of these tools are free (or have free versions!).